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I had some more unpublished photos from Venice sitting on my hard drive, so I thought I’d just share them with you. All black and white, horizontal format.

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Max at the beach after freezing his ass off in the 10°C cold Baltic Sea. Was fun to watch though, haha! :)

Some more photos from the Danish coast.

Olivia at the stony beach in Falster, Denmark.

My classmates Yi-Jou and Ole at our beautiful accommodation in Denmark.

Max, Frieda and Daniel, three trees. Denmark 2014.

Our accommodation in Denmark. A beautifully furnished old schoolhouse, located in a small Danish village, half an hour walk to the sea.

Daniel at the beach in Denmark, looking like a fisherman.

Fehmarn on our way back from Denmark.

Just came back from a trip to Denmark last week. Right before we set off, my friend Yang gave me my lovely new toy, the Fuji Neo 90 Classic instant camera, that he bought for me in China. I instantly fell in love with its beautiful color rendition and the handy size of the pictures. I shot 80 photos in 4 days, but it’s still fascinating to watch the lines and colors magically appearing on the white frames. Oh, and Denmark is adorable! :)

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