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Just came back from a trip to Denmark last week. Right before we set off, my friend Yang gave me my lovely new toy, the Fuji Neo 90 Classic instant camera, that he bought for me in China. I instantly fell in love with its beautiful color rendition and the handy size of the pictures. I shot 80 photos in 4 days, but it’s still fascinating to watch the lines and colors magically appearing on the white frames. Oh, and Denmark is adorable! :)

More typical scene from Venice. You just can’t ignore the beauty of the narrow canals, although I don’t like to take these cliché pictures. There are infinite possibilities in Venice to take a photo like this, it’s soo hard to choose.

A snapshot from Venice. How cool is her outfit? :)

Two after dark shots near San Marco in Venice. I think I’m gonna print both, there are so many beautiful details, that you can’t see on a computer screen.

I think this is one of my best shots from Venice. I love their looks next to the portrait of the woman in the background.

In love with the light. Venice, March 2014

Another beautiful scene from Venice.

I tried to get a look behind the curtain of Venice, leaving the tourist-filled main streets and wandering through narrow alleys.

Murano, an island located next to Venice, famous for its glassblowers, on my trip to italy last month.

Venice, March 2014

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